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Elegant and Sophisticated, ask for Genuine Engraving whenever only the very best will do. Some instances where Genuine Engraving might be appropriate are :


Legal Stationery

Business Stationery

Personal Stationery

Wedding Invitations

Birth Announcements

Any time a refined image is desired


Genuine Engraving is a printing process where an image or text is etched into a copper plate. Ink is applied to the plate which is then wiped clean. The etched areas actually hold some of the ink. Paper is forced against the copper plate and the ink is lifted out of the etched areas creating a raised images on the paper. The result is an image with very steady lines and crisp edges.

To determine if an item has been engraved, look for raised ink (typically matte finished), a smoothing of the paper immediately around the image, and a bruise (indentation) on the back of the sheet in the area of the image.