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Thanks for your interest in our program fans!

We recommend three weeks to produce the fans.
The first week will be spent sending proofs back and forth to you by email until you are satisfied with the layout.
The next week will be spent printing and assembling the fans and then that will allow time for shipping.

You can send the copy to us in a Microsoft Word document or in the body of your email.
Simply indicate what you would like to be printed on each panel of the fan
If you want a paddle fan or crescent fan simply indicate what you want printed on either side.

Please do not type in all capital letters. Please use minimal formatting.
We will do all the layout and formatting for you.

Please indicate what typeface (or typefaces) you would like

Please indicate what artwork or monogram you would like.

Note: Before any design work can begin we do require a $50 deposit. Deposit could be more if design work is nonstandard andextensive.
Note that there will be a $200 charge applied to all orders outside the United States. All duties and taxes are the responsibility of the customer

Once you approve your proof we will obtain your payment. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover for your convenience.